Here you’ll find links to sites related to automated lighting





May the 4th (be with you)



Aus Christmas Lighting

DIY Christmas Lighting

DIY Light Animation

Do It Yourself Christmas

Falcon Christmas (home of the ‘falcon’ board)

Light O Rama

Planet Christmas

Nutcracker / xLights Forum

Haunt Forum

Halloween Forum



Here I’ll list various vendors / sellers of animated Christmas light show items. I’ll note if AUS, USA, China or UK and their ‘main thing’

Christmas Creations – AUS – Wire Frames. * NEW * Now have controllers for their wire frames

Light-O-Rama (LOR)  – USA – specialising in ready to run items, lots of mains powered items, and LOR Sequencer program

HolidayCoro – USA – also specialising in ready to run items, more pixel orientated, coroflute, Sequences

Ray Wu AliExpress store – China – lights

Holiday Sequences – USA – Sequences

Nutcracker / XLights – USA – home of xLights sequencing program (free)

Advatek Lights – AUS – Controllers, Lights and Services



Here is a list of some sites where you can find free (mostly LOR) sequences

FTP – lots of LOR sequences

High Country Lights – Links to sites with sequences, not all of them are still valid

FTP Index – another FTP site