So whats’ been happening lately?

Built several props – mini trees and ‘spirals’.

Finally got around to mounting the rope light clips to the walls for the ‘house outline’.

Finished sequencing the 3 tunes for the upcoming display.

Had to come up with different idea for some of the rope lights, so made 4 more mini trees.

Played around with a few sequences I found / was given / stole πŸ™‚ Β to get a better idea of how sequences work.

Refined (using the term loosely) plan for lights shows this year and what lights and props I’ll use.

Scoured the internet, especially all the forums, for ideas, tips, designs.

Went to Bunnings and Masters way too many times and spent way too much money.

Came across an awesome version of Bohemian Rhapsody I can use for Christmas. So here’s to learning how to sequence singing trees. πŸ™