How I put this years lighting shows together.

Please check the ‘Lights On’ calendar to see when the shows will be available.

The Plan

If you could call it a ‘plan’.

Started researching and planning my first sequenced to music Christmas light-show just after Christmas 2015.

However, I didn’t research very well. 🙁

Ended up buying a 16 Channel 240V AC Controller, a mp3 director and FM transmitter from Light-O-Rama.

Then realised there ‘aint many 240V AC lights around. Ended up buying a heap of rope lights from the (not so local) Masters store, and building a few props.

Also purchased 4 Singing Christmas Trees from Christmas Creations have yet to buy controllers for them.

Also purchased the 4 pixel arch kit from HolidayCoro along with their Tune To  sign. I’ve since wired up the Tune To sign with bulbs, but as yet to make the arches. I’ve purchased required pvc pipe, got it all cut and got it ready, then found I may be able to get some PEX tube instead so have put build on hold.


So the plan using the following:

  • 16 Channel of 4 x 4 different colour rope lights; 4 outlining house, remainder as props.
  • 4 singing Christmas trees
  • 4 pixel arches
  • Fog machine
  • 2 laser lights (1 has Christmas patterns)
  • various other stuff – some standalone (not sequenced)

May 4th

Have a small 12 channel display for the 4th of May (May the 4th – Star Wars, get it), using the 4 house outlines and 2 x 4 props. Show includes 1 filler, 2 tunes (1 a medley) and 1 other, total time about 10 minutes.


Have a slightly larger show for Halloween, 12 channel (as above) plus 1 singing Christmas tree turned into a ghost. 1 fog machine for atmosphere. Show includes 1 filler, 6 tunes and 1 sound effects. Total time about 20 minutes.


Go all out here. All 16 channels, 4 singing Christmas trees and 4 pixel arches. Tune To sign. Top star with waterfall tree (not sequenced). Programmable Net Light – displaying messages such as Merry Christmas. Laser lights shining on house. etc etc.

Updates as I get more bright ideas.

See How To page for how I put some of this stuff together.